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Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

Digital Marketing is a platform for promoting products and services online through a website or a particular web page.


DM Engineers is the Best institute for Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur that covers a broad range of topics such as SEO, Facebook Advertising, Blogging, PPC ads, Affiliate-marketing, Adsense, Content-marketing, etc.


Dedicated to imparting knowledge that focuses on achieving the desired and unmatched rank and visibility of our goods on search engines. Our guidance, experience, and practical teaching techniques will help you to yield better job opportunities for you.


Promotion of goods and services online is done by applying the strategies and techniques of optimization tools to frame converting campaigns with powerful keywords to generate more leads.

Who can opt for this Digital Marketing Course ?

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is all about online marketing, in this course, we cover all digital marketing fundamentals include SEO, SMO, SMM, and SEM. So after complete this course, you can work on very different profiles.


Here we describe you about all digital marketing fundamentals and their job roles-

At first, we take Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

Search Engine Optimization is a process to optimize your website through keywords. So in SEO, we optimize client products or services through keywords. So after what are the job roles:

You can work:

  • As an SEO Expert
  • SEO Manager,
  • SEO Off-Page
  • SEO On Page
  • SEO Team Leader

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization is a process to optimize your business online through social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Job Roles:

  • Social Media Expert
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Team Leader

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is a process to optimize your business products and services by setting paid campaigns on the search engine.

Job Roles:

  • SEM Expert
  • PPC Expert
  • Search Engine Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is all about social media paid campaigns. In Social media marketing we promote business online by setup paid campaigns on all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Job Roles:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Expert

E Commerce Marketing 

E Commerce Marketing is all about online eCommerce marketing website marketing like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Paytm etc. It’s all about product listing and how to rank your product on the first page.

Job Roles:

  • E Commerce Marketing Expert
  • E Commerce Marketing Manager

What you can do after the Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

Digital Marketing is a big platform to learn. Google is giving an update daily so we need to update to date daily in this industry. So if we talk about what we can do after this digital marketing course in Jaipur.

Then, there are several job Opportunities after complete this digital marketing course like

  • You can grow your business
  • You can promote client business
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Work in any IT company
  • Grow in E-commerce marketing etc.

How you can grow start digital marketing after course?

After completing a digital marketing course, you can start a blog or write content on any topic and start freelancing online. After a few days, you will start earning and there are many options you can read blogs or videos on YouTube and also create a channel on YouTube and start earning by Google Ad sense.

Every business needs online marketing, without marketing no business is successful. So we need to catch clients who’re a requirement a digital marketing expert for promoting their business online. It is good because we fix a monthly amount on this.

So no wait, if you want to do this digital marketing course in Jaipur, then go ahead and choose the right digital marketing institute in Jaipur and start training. You can do this course online also by the easy way to fix a time whenever you free.

No 1 Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

DM Engineers is a no 1 digital marketing institute in Jaipur. We have 20,000 certified students who are working in MNC companies. We give lifetime support to our students. We give free internships and work on live projects. Training by Google certified trainers.


Digital Marketing course in Jaipur is the best plan to start a career in online marketing if you want to earn money. There are many jobs and ways to make money online by doing some soft work. So best of luck!

Why People Want to join Digital Marketing Course?

Why do people think Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur, is essential to make their career soar, in this full of competition market? The reasoning is quite simple to decipher.


With current market competition and new upcoming Startups, with so many fascinating and productive innovative ideas for products and services, there are like 100s of alternatives to a product and service in the market.


However, what can be a deal maker or breaker is marketing.

Nowadays, marketing has become a key to the success or life of a product in this competitive market. Marketing is what can make the rug to riches. Business is always known to the people through its marketing. As proficient and approachable the marketing team is, as much the product/service will be famed.


The marketing method varies from each other. Such as:

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has continuously proved itself to be a sector worth investment. Traditional Marketing is always an undeniable part of marketing, but it’s not anywhere near to digital. The progress in a consumer approach through the digital marketing process is vastly admirable than traditional ones.


Digital Marketing course in Jaipur is introduced after research and analyses of its technological knowledge and expertise contributed to the market advertising industry. Digital Marketing Course is an opportunity given to understand and familiarise yourself with the analytical, strategical, and practical edges with all the important industry-leading tools to define your brand in the market with its uniqueness and ability.


Digital Marketing course in Jaipur trains a person to present him/herself as the best presenter, developer, advertiser, and manager of product/service in the market. Many roles can be learned and perfected through this simple short-term investment of 3 months.

Digital Marketing Course is not a costly education course. Its fee varies from institute to institute, based on its time-period and extra course provided.   In India, in most parts, it costs around 40,000 but at DM Engineers Academy, you can join it 15,000 RS. only.


  • Business growth is recorded to be improved with digital marketing methods.
  • Job Scopes increases and preferences change for good.
  • Improves Job profile and confidence level of an individual.
  • Digital Marketing course trains an individual to be ready to be at a job without further job training and save the time of both employee and employer.
  • Presents an opportunity to be self-employed with better career options.

Find the Best Digital Marketing Course In Jaipur With Placement

When looking for a digital marketing course in Jaipur with placement, then it can be very confusing. There are many digital marketing institutes in Jaipur, it is very difficult to judge it that which is the right or wrong. Some institute based on theoretically and some are industry expert with full of practical experience. The goal is to find the best digital marketing institute in Jaipur, who can fulfill your life dreams with a good placement.


So there is only one option for you – DM Engineers Academy, if you are looking best digital marketing institute in Jaipur with placement.

How DM Engineers Academy is the best for you for Digital Marketing course with placement.

DM Engineers Academy is a Google partner and a recommended Face book agency to impart a professional digital marketing course in an online and classroom setting, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Starting from program at Rs. 999, DM Engineers Academy offers many certificate to students, including Membership certificate (First certificate, when student join the course), second others Google partners certificate for beginners, entrepreneurs and students. It also many others program certification related to digital advertising, social media, SEO and others digital marketing programs.


DM Engineers Academy is an India based digital marketing training institute, have ties up with many companies in the all over India and it’s job placement graph is 80-90% of students, who have successfully placed in MNC Companies.


DM Engineers Academy has become, top digital marketing institute in Jaipur, with its top Google certified trainers, who is the industry expert and have many experience in the digital marketing industry.


We believe that placement depend your own deeply knowledge and hard work, so we give your 100% practical knowledge with work on live project.

Which Activities make you a professional Digital Marketing Expert?

  • 100% Practical work
  • Updates with latest Google Algorithm
  • Hardworking
  • Participate with our seminar
  • Think about what we can do from others

Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur overview:

  1. Learning Points
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Importance & benefits of digital marketing
  • What does digital marketing consists of?
  • How digital marketing works?


  1. Website Planning & Creation
  • Types of websites
  • Essentials of a website
  • Planning a website
  • Professional appearance
  • Difference between dynamic & static website


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • What is SEO Full Introduction?
  • What is SERP?
  • What are search engine, how they work?
  • Functions of search engine
  • What is traffic and how it’s comes
  • What is keyword?
  • Complete SEO Onpage
  • Complete SEO Offpage
  • Local SEO
  • How to create Google my business Page?
  • Different types of keywords Google keyword Planner tool keyword Research process
  • Understanding keywords mix On-page optimization.
  • Keywords optimization
  • Content optimization & planning
  • Understanding your audience for content planning
  • Content research & editorial calendar setup
  • Adding social media plug-in on web pages
  • Internal linking
  • Meta tags creation
  • Creating webpage in HTML
  • Using Google webmaster tool & site verification
  • Generate Website sitemap in xml & html format
  • Sitemap upload in Google webmaster
  • What is FTP?
  • How to use FTP?
  • Off page optimization
  • What is domain authority?
  • How to increase Domain authority?
  • What is page rank?
  • How to increase page rank?
  • What are back links?
  • Types of back links
  • What is link building?
  • Types of link building
  • Link building strategies for your business
  • Easy link acquisition techniques
  • Top tools for SEO
  • Monitoring SEO process
  • Preparing SEO reports
  • How to make SEO strategy for your website/App?


  1. PPC advertising with Google & Optimization
  • What is Google Ad words, how it works?
  • PPC Advertising
  • Display network
  • Ad words Structure, Campaign, ad groups
  • Types of campaigns
  • Search, Display, Video, Dynamic Search Google Merchant.
  • What are CPC, CPA, CPM and ad rank?


Practical Session 1-

  • Creating search ad campaign
  • Using keyword planner tool to find keywords
  • Importing keywords form keyword tool
  • Creating compelling ads
  • Optimizing ads & campaign to decrease
  • CPC & increase ad position (Most important)


Practical Session 2-

  • Understanding remarketing
  • Setting up remarketing lists
  • Creating remarketing campaigns & ads


Practical Session 3-

  • Creating video campaign
  • Uploading video ads
  • Optimizing targeting
  • Understanding Dynamic search ad campaigns


  1. Google Analytics
  • What is Google Analytics?
  • Importance of Google Analytics
  • How to setup website Analytics?
  • Fundamentals of Google Analytics?
  • What is bounce rate?
  • How to setup goals and funnels?
  • How to tracking conversions & monitoring website


  1. Social Media Marketing
  • What are social media channels?
  • Different between social media & internet marketing?
  • What is social media viral marketing?
  • Face book marketing
  • Face book Marketplace
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing


Face book fan page V/S profile V/S group

Practical Session 1-

  • Creating Face book Page
  • Uploading contacts for invitation
  • Adding Face book plug-in in website
  • Creating external tabs in Face book page
  • Exercise on fan page wall posting
  • Face book advertising
  • Types of Face book advertising
  • Best practices for Face book advertising


Practical Session 2-

  • Creating Face book advertising campaign
  • Targeting in ad campaign
  • Payment module- CPC vs. CPM vs. CPA
  • Using power editor tool for adv.
  • Advance Face book advertising using tools


YouTube Video Marketing

  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites
  • Using YouTube for business
  • Developing YouTube video marketing strategy
  • How to create YouTube channels?
  • How to increase views and subscribers?


  1. Email Marketing
  • What is email marketing?
  • Challenge in email marketing
  • How to increasing email subscription?
  • Software’s knowledge for email marketing
  • How to write a good and creative email for marketing?


  1. Online Advertising
  • What is online advertising?
  • Types of online advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Banner ads
  • Rich media ads
  • Pop ups and pop under ads
  • Contextual advertising
  • In-text ads
  • In-image ads
  • In-video ads


  1. Ecommerce Marketing
  • What is Ecommerce Marketing?
  • Creating Ecommerce Marketing?
  • Ecommerce Marketing SEO & Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing


  1. Ad sense & Blogging
  • What is Google Ad Sense?
  • How to get approved for Ad Sense?
  • How to do start Blogging?
  • How to do SEO for your blog?


Where is this Institute in Jaipur?

DM Engineers is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (Location: G-24, Ground Floor, Pushp Enclave, Tonk Rd, Sanganer, Sector 5, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033). Easy convenience for students on Tonk Road, a good environment, the student feels free to relax. We take a free live seminar and group discussion for our students.