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Business Lead Generation

Business leads generation

Business Lead Generation Training

Establish a foundation for successful, sustainable Revenue Generation. Our Business Lead Generation Master Series training program is different from other sales training programs because it focuses on the front of the sales cycle. We believe that effective selling starts well before your sales reps make their first call. The lead generation training program involves developing an efficient Business leads generation program to generate high quality leads to feed to sales. And it means teaching your sales reps to prospect confidently and successfully. Our sales training programs reflect this perspective. Establishing a foundation for success also means participants develop effective, repeatable processes and procedures, and define metrics to measure success.

Generate More Revenue While in Class

Another thing that makes our Lead Generation Master Series sales training program unique is that participants apply what they’re learning to current real work situations, during and between classes, so they remain productive and see improved results while taking the program. Each Master Series program is offered in two formats, private team training and on-demand training.

Private Team Training

Our tailored lead generation master series training is made up of private, instructor-led courses – the most popular master series training format that we provide

On-Demand Training

Our on-demand courses are a modified, but still highly effective mode of our private, instructor-Business leads Generation courses that allow you and your team to train on your own schedule, at your own pace. If you feel you would need a little more direction, Laser Coaching may be added. Our on-demand courses with the coaching add-on will include all of the on-demand features, plus One-on-One Laser Coaching sessions with expert review(s) of assignments and individualized coaching for On-demand participants.

Business leads generation